Cool and handy accessories for kids' vehicles!

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The kids' vehicles from PUKY and BIG are super safe, sturdy and cool as they are but there are some handy accessories for many of the fun ride-ons:

The PUKY tricycle belt and the PUKY foot rest allow your child to use the PUKY CAT 1S tricycle earlier: The PUKY tricycle belt is a great accessory to keep the youngest (or most wriggly) riders safe from slipping or falling off. The PUKY foot rest is another handy accessory for children who are still to small to pedal for themselves - they can safely place their feet on the foot rest which allows you to push your child using the tricycle’s push bar. Once children get older, they will not need the foot rest anymore unless, of course, they have done so much pedalling that you need to push your tired little adventurer home again. 

A PUKY bell is not only a cool accessory but also a handy safety tool: A bell is a necessity for kids that can independently ride their tricycle, scooter or balance bike in public places (obviously always under supervision) as it rings loud enough to draw attention to your child.


There are also some cool and handy accessories for BIG ride-ons:

The BIG Bobby Car Walker is a 2-in-1 accessory:The wide handle provides young children with adequate support and the opportunity to perfect their first steps while pushing the vehicle along, and it is also designed as a backrest. The clever anti-tilt feature prevents the ride-on from tipping over and hurting the child.

The BIG Push Pole is guaranteed to get and keep those little drivers on the right track. It is also a handy accessory for when little feet get tired and your child needs to be pushed for a while.

Kids will enjoy hours of playtime fun with the BIG Bobby Car Trailer. On the inside of the robust trailer there is plenty of room for all those important items that young drivers need to take with them, for example toys, drink bottles, spare clothes, etc.. The trailer is also great for transporting sand, dirt and mud around the park or garden! Rounded corners and edges ensure safe playtime fun.

And lastly, the BIG Bobby Car My Own Plate add-on features a fun license plate and a cool driver's license that can both be personalised. Once the license plate is customised using the different backgrounds, colourful letters and number and fun symbols, it can be attached to the trailer coupling at either the front or the back of the BIG Bobby Car.

So, now you have a great overview of all the fun and handy accessories that you can add to your child's favourite kids' vehicle! Have fun :)

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