Easter 2019 - Gift ideas!

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Wow, we can't believe April is almost here! And that means Easter is also not far off! So we thought we'd bring you a wee list of things that could make cute Easter presents for your little ones:


If you're looking for something with a super adorable bunny, the sigikid Comforter Hand Puppet Bunny would be perfect! It's such an amazing, soft present for the youngest ones: A super cuddly comforter PLUS a hand puppet in one! It also comes as a sheep if you'd like that better.

Another cute present is the crinkly (because of the rustling foil) but soft sigikid Textile Book: It features an adorable bunny on the front and then 6 other animals on the other pages. Little bubs will love going through the pages and feeling all the different textures!

Two other bunnies that are perfect cuddle buddies are the sigikid Magician Bunny Hand Puppet and the sigikid Grasp Ring Bunny. If you like sheep for Easter better, the sigikid Activity Sheep Tumbler is an awesome toy with lots of features: Detachable rattle, teething ring, pull string and tumbler on one!

Of course a tricycle, scooter, balance bike or ride on can also make awesome gifts if you're looking for something a bit bigger!


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