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We have received a few questions about all of the features of our most popular tricycle, the PUKY CAT 1S. So we thought we’d provide you with useful answers to the most frequently asked questions – and we’ve included some illustrations to make it even easier for you:

  1. How to lock/unlock the front wheel:

For younger children, it might be useful to lock the front wheel as they can’t pedal themselves yet. By locking the wheel, your child can just rest their feet on the pedals while you push them around. To lock the wheel, you simply have to pull the “freewheel hub” (the ring around the base of the right pedal) out. If you want to unlock the wheel, simply snap the ring back on to the wheel – slightly turning the pedal while doing that makes it easier to snap the ring into place.

Side note: If you’re using a foot rest, the wheel must be locked, so the ring must be pulled out.

PUKY CAT 1S front wheel lock

  1. How to lock/unlock the steering:

Again, for younger children, it might be helpful to lock the steering so that you can direct the tricycle. To lock the steering, simply twist the knob to the right. To unlock it, just twist it to the left.

PUKY CAT 1S steering lock

  1. How to change the seat position:

The seat position can be easily adjusted to suit your child’s height. You just have to loosen the screw connections on the seat slightly to move the seat to the next position. Always make sure to twist the screw connections back on and fasten the screws tightly.

PUKY CAT 1S seat position

  1. How to set the height of the push bar:

You should set the push bar to a position that makes it comfortable for you to push the tricycle around. To set the height of the push bar, press the catch and click into the hole that provides the perfect height for you – make sure the catch snaps in all the way.

PUKY CAT 1S push bar height

  1. How to remove the push bar:

You might want to remove the push bar from the tricycle for storing it, packing it into the car or when your child is old enough to pedal around without your assistance. To remove the push bar, you have to unscrew the safety level, push the catch and then pull the bar out. Make sure to twist the screw back in so you don’t lose it.

PUKY CAT 1S push bar removal

Now that you know all the tricks, you and your child can enjoy your PUKY CAT 1S tricycle even more!

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