Which kids' vehicle should I buy for my child?

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Kids' vehicles are perfect toys for children as they help in the development of important motor skills and boost independence.

Learning how to properly sit on a ride-on, steering a ride-on car, using their feet to set a ride-on into motion are all important skills to learn for little kids. Some ride-on toys are also designed to be pushed around so aid in taking first steps and learning how to walk. Tricycles, scooters and balance bikes foster the development of more advanced skills such as the coordination of pedaling or pushing off with their feet and steering with their arms and hands. And getting around by themselves on a cool and safe kids' vehicle allows children to become more independent, another important milestone.

But which kids' vehicle is right for your child? We have compiled a handy overview of the kids vehicles that we are selling, all sorted by age. Obviously it always depends on the development of your child which vehicle they would be ready for as each child develops at an individual pace. But it's good to know that some vehicles, such as the PUKY CAT 1S tricycle could be used earlier, especially if you add a footrest and/or safety belt. And some kids' vehicles can also be used for way longer, again, dependent on your own child.

We'll be discussing the benefits of each type of kids' vehicle in separate blog posts soon, so stay tuned :)

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