Our Brands


German Toy Store - BIG productsFounded in 1938, BIG has long been one of Germany’s major toy manufacturers. BIG exclusively produces products in its modern toy factory in Germany meaning to this day, all BIG products are made exclusively in Germany.

The BIG brand represents high quality and child-friendly design. The company logo - the BIG buffalo - is symbolic of BIG products: strong, robust, resistant.

Quality and safety are the top priority in all that BIG does. State-of-the-art production techniques coupled with innovative design solutions guarantee maximum stability and safety. In addition, BIG products are fully tested both in-house and by external organisations, such as the TÜV (the German Technical Inspection Association), before they reach the marketplace. When it comes to quality, BIG uses UV stabilisers for all of its toys to ensure that they last for years and can be passed on through generations.

Extensive experience in child-related products and plastics production ensures BIG product developers know exactly what is being asked of them. All BIG toys are suitable for each respective age group and ergonomically designed, while making a positive contribution to a child’s development by guaranteeing maximum fun through age appropriate activities.


KETTLER was founded in 1949 and has grown into worldwide organisation, selling products in over 60 countries. KETTLER is world-famous for their exercise equipment but the company has also been producing bicycles since the mid-1970s – they were actually the first company worldwide to produce a lightweight aluminium bike! So you can say that they are true experts when it comes to designing and manufacturing safe yet fun kids’ balance bikes, bicycles and scooters.
KETTLER’s products are all designed to contribute the wellbeing and fitness of their customers. Their company slogan is “Enjoy your life” which is truly possible with the amazing kids’ vehicles they produce.
For KETTLER, quality begins as early as the development stage: Well-conceived and meticulously-designed product ideas form the cornerstone of good quality. KETTLER also upholds high standards in the use of materials and their workmanship. All materials are selected with care, all manufacturing processes are continuously monitored – the result: consistent quality and workmanship, a long service life and therefore superior sustainability for all products.
The TÜV/GS symbol stands for tested safety in line with DIN and European standards. Technical properties such as material and workmanship are inspected and evaluated here by an independent institute. For the safety of your children, KETTLER has every toy rigorously tested.


Since 1949, PUKY has been a manufacturer of high-quality children’s vehicles. To this day, PUKY vehicles are developed, designed and produced in Germany.

That means that PUKY has more than 60 years of experience in the development, construction and product of vehicles for children. This experience is supported by close cooperation with external development partners such as, for example, exercise therapists, paediatricians, nurseries and schools. A well thought-out concept which guarantees a high product quality.

PUKY has always represented unique safety in children’s vehicles and has a modern monitoring and test laboratory in which all PUKY vehicles are regularly tested above and beyond the required standards.

PUKY have a high-quality and well thought-out design which is both trendy and, at the same, safe and suitable for children. Thanks to their high product quality, PUKY vehicles have an extraordinarily high resale value and are therefore very sought after.

PUKY invented the push tricycle over 30 years ago. Since then, multiple generations of children have played and learned on many thousands of PUKY vehicles.


The sigikid brand was established in Germany in 1968, however, the company behind it was originally founded in 1856. For over 47 years now, sigikid have developed, tested, produced and sold products with passion.

sigikid believes in the love that they put into their products. They feel that children have a right to good design and that even the smallest details count. All of this is what differentiates sigikid from many other brands. sigikid products are exceptional; they are designed for the most important people in the world: our children! Our children are our future – ensuring that they grow to become mature personalities and happy, satisfied adults concerns not only parents but us all. sigikid sees this challenge as a basis for their work.

sigikid prides itself on not only meeting all of the safety requirements at the time of purchase, but also that every single one of their products remains a safe and cherished object for the child for a long time, even if used intensively. sigikid products are anything but disposable. They are often handed down from one generation to the next.

All of sigikid’s products are inspected multiple times before they are sold and are continuously tested by independent labs to ensure they meet not only the highest international standards but sigikid’s own exacting quality benchmarks.

Almost all of sigikid’s textile products can be machine washed at 30 to 40° and many may also be placed in the dryer. sigikid takes special care to ensure that their products retain their shape, colour and unique features even after frequent washing.