Our Story

German Toy Store was founded by father-and-daughter team, Holger and Nina, in mid-2016. They are originally from Germany but have lived in New Zealand for over 10 years. Holger has a background in IT and import/export and Nina is a marketer by training. Both believe that outstanding customer service and a pleasant customer experience should be at the core of every business. In addition, they believe that kids toys should be heaps of fun but also well-made, durable, safe and help improve important developmental skills. Together they have many, many years (well, decades even) of first-hand experience with the premium quality toys that you can find on www.germantoystore.co.nz!

Living in Germany when his four children were young, Holger has spent hundreds and hundreds of hours playing with them with BIG’s Bobby Car and PUKY’s tricycle and scooter. All kids’ vehicles were passed on from one child to the next: Sometimes, accessories were added for the next child, such as a BIG Bobby Car Trailer for Nina when she inherited the BIG Bobby Car from her older brother. At other times, Holger painted the PUKY tricycle for one of the kids in their favourite colour when it was passed on to them. Overall, the BIG and PUKY kids’ vehicles were in use for over 15 years and were then passed on to family and friends once the kids were too old for them. We think that’s a great testimony for the outstanding quality of those toys!

Now a mum to three kids, Nina had been gifted and bought many different toys from Germany when her first child was little. It proved especially hard to find a quality tricycle that was made-to-last so Nina bought a PUKY tricycle from Germany… and after being stopped by heaps of other mums and dads when out and about with the tricycle, the idea came about to found German Toy Store. Holger's wife / Nina's mother Beatrix came on board in 2018 so when you buy from German Toy Store, you'll deal with and support a lovely small family business!

We bring quality German kids toys at great prices to active Kiwi families, directly sourced from the manufacturers in Germany!

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