sigikid Stacking Penguin Tumbler

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    Observe, play and learn! sigikid's Stacking Penguin Tumbler features a gorgeous, friendly-looking penguin and three fun-coloured soft rings that can be stacked on the penguin. The penguin's body and the rings have stripes and dots to provide plenty of visual stimulation for your baby.

    The soft little penguin bounces back and forth at different speeds depending on how many rings he wears on his body. Your little one will have heaps of fun poking and pushing the penguin to see what happens - understanding the concept of action and reaction is an important developmental milestone for babies. A soft rattle inside the penguin's head further encourages active play and makes playtime even more fun. The rings are awesome for stacking but also great for playing with individually - they make the perfect grasping and teething toys!

    Good to know:

    Stacking toys help babies learn important developmental skills such as intentional grasp and release, and how to control and position their fingers. Stacking items also improves little ones' depth perception, hand-eye coordination and strengthens their core when sitting up for playtime. When you help your little darling stack items on top of another, you are teaching important lessons such as how different sizes work in comparison, how sequencing of items works and how there are different colours, numbers and shapes - make sure to explain to your little one what you are doing and he/she will pick it up even quicker.

    Product details:

    • Age recommendation: 6-24 months
    • Dimensions: 21 cm
    • Material: 100% Polyester
    • Hand wash only

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